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Payment Rent is the easiest to use Payment Rent software available nowadays. It is simple, convenient and most hassle free Payment Rent software that saves both landlords, property managers and tenants time and money. Some of its benefits are:

Payment Rent Benefits

Payment Rent can be used by landlords, property managers and tenants to automate rent collection or payment. Tenants can now pay their rents electronically at no cost to them. Landlords and Property Managers collect their rent on time with no hassle and do not have to make a run to the bank. Tenants will never need to worry about late payment rent fees while landlords and property managers increase their payment rents on time with Payment Rent.
Payment Rent

Payment Rent Secure

Payment Rent with is secure as it uses a combination of SSL, SSH, and physical hosting in a secure data center. Payment Rent uses a 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption the same one used by banks and financial institution. Data is stored in a state of the art data center. Physical access is strictly controlled. Payment Rent uses SSH (Secure Shell) to securely transmit data over TCP/IP networks and utilizes strong encryption and authentication to ensure confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of the data.

Payment Rent Convenience

Tenants that use Payment Rent software find it very convenient and avoid the hassles of late payment rent notices and fees. Studies have shown that with payment rent collection funds are deposited almost twice as fast as those using traditional checks. Landlords and Property Managers have found offering ability to payment rent online very effective marketing tool to attract high quality tenants. Besides offering payment rent payment as a customer acquisition tool, it enables landlords and property managers to offer an additional excellent customer service and be able to retain tenants.

Tenants can ask their landlords and property managers to sign up for Payment Rent. By signing up landlords and property managers can save money, time and hassle by utilizing Payment Rent